How generous! Just follow this link to gift someone a subscription: Gift Subscription!

If you're a subscriber, you can purchase gifts from My Account while logged in.

Here are step-by-step instructions to purchase the gift:

  • Hit the 'Select' button on the gift option
  • Hit the 'Choose' button on the next screen to choose the gift subscription
  • Enter your email, create a password, select the Terms & Conditions box and hit the 'Submit' button (you need to create an account in order to purchase the gift subscription)
  • After you create an account, you will have the choice to send the gift subscription now-- or at a specific time
  • On this screen, you will also enter the gift recipient's name, email address and any gift message you would like to add
  • After you hit the 'Next' button, you will need to select your billing country and enter your billing zip
  • Once the billing country and zip are entered, select a payment method by clicking on the card options (to pay via cc), or select the PayPal option
  • Enter your card information and select the 'Complete Purchase' button

On the day you selected for your gift recipient to receive the gift, they will receive an email with the gift information, a link to redeem the subscription, and any note you included.