For subscriptions purchased on site, you can disable auto renew from My AccountNo further charges will be incurred, and your subscription will expire at the end of your current billing cycle. 

If you purchased your subscription in the Apple App Store, those cancellation steps are 


  • Log in here: Subscriptions 

  • You'll see Active Subscriptions there, and to the right a button for auto-renew

  • Slide auto renew to off by clicking on the button. It will be gray in the off position.

  • The subscription term to the left will show an expiration date

  • You’ll also get a confirmation email that auto renew is disabled, with an expiration date

  • If you change your mind- just slide auto renew back to on to resume your normal billing 

Auto renew is disabled in the image below: 

On a mobile browser, you can click the 3 vertical dots to disable/enable auto renew. 

A drop-down menu will appear after clicking the 3 dots to make your selection. 

Your subscription will expire on the date shown, and past payments won't be refunded.

If you need help with your cancellation, please submit a support ticket or email